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1. Driver:

  • Be committed Christians.

  • Be qualified on the basis of personal character to work with expectant mothers and children and be able to serve as part of a team.

  • Must have a pro-life stance and be neutral on adoption vs. parenting.

  • Be over 35 years of age.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Performs airport pick up duties

  • Class C drivers license

  • Drive Children and Staff as directed by the Sara Rose Foundation

  • Not allowed to pick an untheorized passengers


Vehicle Maintenance

·Ensures that the assigned vehicle is compliant with the minimum operating standards Zambia’s RASTA’s Vehicle Policy requirements.

·Performs minor repairs, arranges for regular maintenance and ensures that the vehicle is kept clean and in good running condition at all times.

·Ensures safety and custody of the vehicle, including tools.

·Ensures availability of all the required documents/supplies including vehicle insurance, registration, logs, office directory, map of the city/country, first aid kit, and necessary spare parts are in the assigned vehicle.

·Ensures that, in the event of an accident involving the office vehicle, the necessary steps required by rules and regulations are followed.


2.  Job Description Cook

The St. Michael feeding program Cook is responsible for menu planning, purchasing of groceries and supplies and daily preparation of nutritious meals and snacks served to the children enrolled in the Sara Rose Foundation program.  The kitchen is to be managed and the work of the Cook is to be conducted in strict compliance with Health Department Act and all other applicable legislation. The Cook works in consultation with the Houseparent to ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen and its coordination with the other programs of the Foundation.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Advance planning of lunch menus and snacks in accordance with the Zambian minimums  standards of care  food Guide; posting of menus for parents and staff

  • Conduct housekeeping tasks necessary to maintain the kitchen in an organized, clean, safe and hygienic condition at all times

  • Deliver and collect lunch/snack trays to/from all on-site programs

  • Complete clean up after each meal (i.e. dishes, countertops, etc.)

  • Meets with Health Inspector as required to ensure kitchen and practices are in compliance with City’s health code.

  • Regular inventory of kitchen equipment and supplies


  • Purchase all groceries in order to implement the planned menus, in consideration of the Centre’s food budget and in consultation with the Centre Director

  • Purchase all household supplies for the centre

  • Unpacking and checking of orders

  • Follow established procedures regarding forwarding of all receipts related to purchases

Send your application before 5th January 2020  to: