St. Michael Feeding & School (Chipata Compound)

Unicef estimates that there are 1.2 million orphans under 15 years of age living in Zambia, and 800,000 of those orphans are affected by HIV and AIDS. A third of children in Zambia lose one or both parents before they reach adulthood, with 19% of orphans losing both their mother and father. Orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS are considered to be vulnerable children. A child may also be considered vulnerable because their household is incapable of generating adequate income, providing the care or protection that guardians provide, or have high levels of domestic violence, unemployment, or substance abuse.


Therefore, because of the large number of vulnerable and orphaned children in Zambia, there is a dire need for them to receive an education to overcome the obstacles in their lives. Hence, the Sara Rose Children Foundation in order to address the presence of vulnerable and orphaned children in compounds around.


The Sara Rose runs the St.Michael community schools (schools specifically meant to help vulnerable and orphaned children receive an education), and educates children who would not have otherwise gone to school due to financial constraints.


The Sara Rose is running the feeding programs providing children with breakfast or lunch.



We believe Jesus Christ has called us to feed the hungry and serve those in need. We strive to follow his calling every day in all that we do. 

Through God, Sara Rose St. Michael Feeding program will strive to eliminate malnutrition and starvation in children throughout Zambia by helping to instil compassion in a generation that hears and responds to the cries of those in need until all are fed.

St.Micheal Original_auto_x2.jpg

The St. Michael original building when it was  bought for the program (2009)


Over the years St. Michael has expanded as the number of children increased (2022)

Rebuilding Ourlives with the Help of God Neh. 6:1