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A sponsored child receives a blanket in the cold weather

What is child sponsorship?

It is about connection. When you sponsor with GlobalFingerprints (our USA Partner). You’ll get the joy of entering a child’s life, learning about them, encouraging them with letters, watching them grow and praying for them.

What can I expect as a sponsor?

Your sponsored child will write to you and send pictures, and you’ll receive updates about how the child is doing — connecting you with your sponsored child and his or her family and daily life.

What does my child receive?

Child Sponsors provide vital support to a child in need while developing a one-on-one relationship with their sponsored child through the letters they write and receive. Your child sponsorship provides nutrition, medical care, education, school supplies, and/or psycho-social programs that help children survive today and provides hope, skills, and health for a brighter tomorrow.

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