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We at Sara Rose Children Foundation in Zambia believe that all children are loved by God. Throughout Scripture, we see God’s heart for the fatherless and James 1:27 makes very clear the mandate to care for orphaned children to His glory. We believe that one of the responsibilities of God’s people is to care for widows, orphans, and those who have been marginalized by the economic and social systems of the world. It is to that end that we come alongside the body of Christ to support orphans and vulnerable children.



Because of our faith, we devote ourselves to helping children from all tribes, cultures, backgrounds. Every person is of infinite value, every child matters. And every act of love and gift has eternal value. We Welcome, Love and Bless the Children.


We love God, and we demonstrate our love and live out our faith by extending care to others — in Jesus' name — irrespective of their health and status.

Jesus Christ is the core of our ministry. His life and teaching shape our programs. All aspects of our programs align with His teaching. Jesus' teaching guides how we love people, respect communities and cooperate with nations. We teach God’s Word and desire that children become followers of Jesus.

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